How Binging Made Me Miserable

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  1. Emotional extremes: Productive binges can feel great, but they’re followed by a period of negative binges that lead to feelings of disappointment and guilt.
  2. Slow and inconsistent progress: Cycling between positive and negative binges slow or completely revert the progress you make.

How it started

  1. I felt guilty for having sidetracked my progress
  2. I want to make up for lost time and set unrealistic expectations for myself
  3. I burn out and binge negative behaviours
  4. Repeat

How to fix it

Commit to less than you think you can do

  1. You’re able to meet your commitment consistently.
  2. Over a reasonable time horizon, you make significant progress and feel great.
  3. Because of this achievement, you feel like you can handle more, so you set an incrementally higher commitment.
  4. Repeat

Do Nothing

Choose your inputs wisely


  • Read a programming problem and its solution every day
  • Start a lesson on duo lingo every day
  • Put on my work out clothes and put weights on the bar every other day
  • Stay outside for 2 minutes every day

Resources that helped me improve my consistency




21. I like building things. Currently working on Previously engineering @shopify

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Abhinav Boyed

Abhinav Boyed

21. I like building things. Currently working on Previously engineering @shopify

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