envCoin: A Step Towards a Cleaner Future

The Solution: envCoin

Blockchain technology, which underlies Bitcoin and Ethereum may be uniquely suited to solve this urgent problem due to its trustless and decentralized nature. The solution comes in the form of a decentralized application (DApp) hosted on the Ethereum network that allows anyone to bet on the outcomes of environmental objectives corporations set for themselves.

How envCoin Works

Implementing envCoin

Implementation of of this DApp requires smart contracts which serve as the mediators between all parties in the process. The Smart Contract serves as a pool within which trustless parties can store wealth and know with certainty that it will later be redistributed appropriately. Both the DAO for the entirety of the DApp and DAO for the capital available for the project (5) can be implemented as Smart Contracts on the Ethereum network. Wallets for each type of stakeholder would be necessary to create a usable application.



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