I woke up today and saw this on my to-do list.

Holy sh*t

My to-do list is where I put all my crazy ideas, build my habits, track deadlines and everything in between. If you ask my friends & family to describe me, chaotic & spontaneous would make the list…

And how to defeat this feedback cycle from hell.

Photo by James Lee on Unsplash

During the lockdown, I grew a tendency to binge on everything. I used to fall victim to the common culprits like TV shows, video games and junk food. However, I’m most intrigued by the fact that I also binged positive behaviours…

Environmental degradation seems to be a fact of life in the twenty-first century. Despite humanity’s incredible innovations we are only beginning to face the immense negative repercussions of climate change and habitat destruction around the globe. Political agendas seem to turn a blind eye to these pressing matters, while poor…

Abhinav Boyed

21. I like building things. Currently working on http://getseeko.com. Previously engineering @shopify

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